Friday, October 1, 2010

Miami Dolphins Birthday Cake

This past weekend we went to Philly for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday party and I got to make the cake!  My sister and I e-mailed back and forth until we came up with a design that we both liked.  Here's what we came up with...

A few weeks ago I started on the dolphins logos, number 40, and the footballs shooting from the cake.  The pic has footballs and helmets, but the helmets turned out to not be doable.  I hand-cut all of these items from gumpaste that I colored to match the miami dolphins colors.  To make it look perfect, I print out a template on regular printer paper.  Then I cut that template out with an exacto knife, and finally laid that template over some rolled out gum paste and cut!  I start from the bottom and apply layers of different colors to that.  Here's one of the dolphins logos in the middle of the process...

And here are all of the gumpaste items (minus the footballs) once I finished them...

They dry hard, so you can apply wires to the back of them (with more gumpaste) and make them stand up on the cake or shoot out.  Like this!
That's the first of the final cake shots.  Here are the rest...



  1. I love this cake. I want to make it for my husband. What is the base?

  2. The base is a strofoam cake board that is covered in foil. You can get them at Joann's or Michael's. I cover the board in fondant and then glue a ribbon around the sides to finish it off. Hope that helps!

  3. How long did it take you to make it? Also, how much were the supplies you needed?

  4. You are amazing.

  5. Hi.. What color did you use for the blue-green?


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