Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stuff Stace Likes - Angry Birds

Last week the hubs and I received two new iPhone 4's in the mail and we've been downloading apps ever since.  We've been trying to get only free ones, but decided to "splurge" on Angry Birds.  That 99 cents was well worth it!  I am so addicted to this game.  The object is to slingshot your birds into various structures that the evil green piggies are hiding in.  You have to kill all of the pigs to win.  Each bird has a special power and also makes silly bird noises along the way.  If you have an iPhone and don't have it, get it now!  Thanks to our friend Billy for introducing me to it.  Billy, thanks to you, I've wasted countless hours of my life away on this thing...and many more to come.

Here are some screenshots of Angry Birds in all its glory.

1 comment:

  1. theat's great game, and so fun,,

    every must try it ,,, and you cand be angry birds addicted,
    nice share stace :D


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