About Stace

A little about me...
I'm a recently married 30-something chick who just moved from Florida to Wisconsin.  Everyone thought that was move was crazy, but I'm slowly finding my groove here in the dairy state!  Shortly after moving here, my husband Ryan and I became the proud parents of a shih tzu named Howie.  He's the best dog in the world - totally unbiased opinion. ;)  I spend my days working from home, along side my hubs, for a major global corporation and on the nights and weekends I get to play and be creative. And that's where this blog comes into the picture.  I often get questions like "How did you do that??" or "How long did it take to make THAT??" or "Show me some pictures of what you made".  I decided to create this blog to document all of the "stuff" that I create and hopefully share some tips and give some inspiration.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Summer in Wisconsin
Our New Pup
A Whole New World!
I need a new food!
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