Monday, April 18, 2011

Our New Pup

I have a new man in my life lately...his name is Howie and he is a 4 month old Shih Tzu!  We got Howie about 6 weeks ago and he has been tons of fun.  One of the best decisions we've ever made!!!  Howie comes from a breeder about an hour from here.  We brought him home when he was 10 weeks old and have spent time every day training him and hopefully molding him into a nice little doggie. :)  So far he knows the following commands/words:

Come here
Go Potty
Give Kisses
Howie (he has to look me in the eye when I say his name)
Touch the bell (to go outside)
Go in your house (cage)
Bang! (play dead)
Go Sleepy
Wanna go outside? (he gets pretty excited at this)
Want a cookie? (he gets excited and looks at his box of biscuits)
Clicky time (time to train with a clicker)
Brushy time (time to get brushed)
Want to come up? (get ready to be picked up)

I am so proud of all of the things that he's learned so far, but he still has a long way to go.  We still have to work on him not pulling the leash on our walks, and he's still pretty independent and doesn't come when called all of the time.  That's a shih-tzu trait - stubbornness!  I'm also going to add some more tricks like shake, sit up, roll over, and lots more.  Here are a few pics of my little guy.  We are so in love!  :)


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  1. Pretty cute puppy and just started to look through your "stuff"...........awesome so far. Nice that you share your knowledge.


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