Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ladybug Birthday Cake

I made this cake last weekend for the 1st birthday party of Lydia.  Lydia is the daughter of our friends Ashlie and Matt and she loves the color red.  So appropriately, the theme of the party was ladybugs!  Matt and Ashlie sent me a picture of a cake made by Pink Cake Box and asked that I repeat it.  So I definitely don't claim this design as my own!  It was fun to make, although I did have quite the delivery scare.  The week that I was supposed to work on it, I got sick.  Being sick and making food for 30 people doesn't mix!  So I had to wait until the morning of the party to put it all together.  Eek!  This meant that the cake couldn't be refrigerated to firm up like I would usually do with an all-buttercream cake.  We loaded it into the car, got going, and let me tell you, that thing wiggled and giggled like you wouldn't believe!  I seriously thought it was going to topple over!  But alas, God was smiling on me and we made it there with the cake in once piece.  In the end the cake made it there, although slightly leaning and with some shifted lady bugs.  I heard that it was a hit.  Whew!

Here are the final pics of the cake and Little Miss Lydia enjoying it...

Photo credit : Pablo Alvarez (friend of Matt and Ashlie's)


  1. I LOVE THIS CAKE!!!! Good Job...

  2. love it! This was the cake I was going to make for my baby's first birthday this weekend... but her daddy chose a different one! You did a GREAT job :) Love the photos! :)


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