Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tailgate Truffles Tutorial

Tailgate Truffles Tutorial, Tailgate Truffles Tutorial, Tailgate Truffles Tutorial, Tailgate Truffles Tutorial,Tailgate Truffles Tutorial.  Say that five times fast!  The NFL Playoffs are coming this weekend and these Tailgate Truffles are perfect to bring to a football party.  They are super yummy and decadent.  As promised, I've put together a little tutorial to show how I made them.  I'm a Packer fan, so I went with green and gold, but of course you can personalize these to match your team's colors.  You can find pre-colored chocolate at any craft store or on
Here we go!!!

1 8oz package Cream Cheese softened
1 16.6oz package of Oreos
2 14oz bags of colored chocolate candy melts

1.  Place entire package of Oreos into a food processor that has a chopping blade attachment
2.  Put the lid on and pulse pulse pulse until the Oreos are totally ground up into fine crumbs
3.  Place Oreo crumbs into a bowl with the 8oz package of cream cheese
4.  Mix the Oreos and cream cheese until they are totally combined.  They will come together to make a dark brown dough
5.  Using a small cookie scoop or just a simple tablespoon, drop spoonfuls of the Oreo dough onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper
6.  Shape the dough into round balls using the palms of your hands.  Place in the freezer for 10 minutes
7.  Place your two colors of chocolate into two separate bowls.  Melt in the microwave as directed on the package.
8.  Take your dough balls out of the freezer and place a few into the bowls of chocolate.
9.  Use a fork to entirely coat your truffle with the chocolate
10.  Gently lift the truffle out of the chocolate and place back on the lined cookie sheet
11.  Fill two ziplock bags with a small amount of each color of the chocolate.  Snip a tiny amount off of the bottom corner of the bag and squeeze the chocolate out over your truffles.  Alternate the colors - on mine, I squeezed yellow chocolate on the green truffles and vice versa.
12.  Place back in the freezer to let the chocolate set up.  Enjoy!

I've created a pictorial story board of each step of the recipe.  Just follow along step by step, number by number.  If you are on Pinterest, this is a great photo to pin for this recipe.  It is all one image so pin away my friends!!


  1. i made some for the game today! go pack go :)

    1. Awesome! Too bad our Pack didn't make it further this season. :-/

  2. I have to make these!! GO PACK GO!

  3. Am SO making these.....GO PACK GO !!!!!

  4. Can you tell me roughly how many truffles this makes? I'm trying to decide if I need to double the recipe, as I want to make them as a Christmas gift for two different people. I know it depends on the size of the oreo balls, but a rough idea would be great. Thanks!

  5. What do you add in #3 ? And #4 is just mixing correct?

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  7. Thanks for the such delicious pics
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