Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cars Lightning McQueen Cake

Another cake completed! - a Disney Cars cake that I made for Noah's birthday.  Noah is the son of our friend Alisha from work.  The car, Lightning McQueen, is made with rice krispie treats that I molded and covered with red fondant.  After that I added all of the details.  The car alone took a Friday night, all day Saturday, and most of Sunday.  And that part wasn't even eaten!  I'm crazy, this I know.  I handled it so much that the dri,ed fondant starting cracking.  Kind of devastating considering all the time I spent on it.  But I heard that Noah liked it, so all is redeemed.  :)   This is the first time I've made a little matching base for the cake.  I covered a cake board with black fondant and then trimmed it with yellow ribbon.  I think it makes the cake look more finished and I plan to do that more on future cakes.

Here's the rice krispies all molded and being covered with buttercream

Finished with the buttercream covering

Before I covered it in red fondant, I added a few details underneath - the windshield, windows, and teeth

Here he is all covered in red fondant and with eyes added.  I cut out the red where the windshield, windows, and teeth were to reveal what was underneath

I needed to make graduated color from red to yellow for the lightning bolt on the side of the car.  This can be done pretty easily with an airbrush.  Unfortunately, I don't own an airbrush, so I took different colors of fondant and worked them together to get this result...

And finally, some completed cake shots


  1. REDICULOUSly cute. I know many little boys who would pee their pants with excitement over this.

  2. Hey Girl. So this cake is stinking awesome. I saw on your blog list that you read Cake Wrecks. I'm actually friends with Jen and I told her about this cake. Hopefully she will feature it on one of her Sunday Sweets! If that's cool with you. Let me know.

  3. That is most definitely cool with me!...although I don't know if I'm up to par with some of those cakes on Sunday Sweets. Some of them are crazy ridiculous! :)

  4. I just wanted to thank you so very much for this tutorial. This is simply the best thing online yet. Amazing. Now I feel confident enough to follow through on my ideas for my nephews cake. Thanks a million AND ONE!

  5. if only i lived in wisconsin! My son wants to look at this constantly!! he loves it!! You are incredibly talented. Can't wait to see your latest inspirations.

  6. wow just beautiful, very professional.

  7. Me encanta!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!

  8. Love this!! You did a wonderful job on this cake!!


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