Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to use tappits to make perfect letters for your cakes.

Ever seen a cake with letters like these?

Well, they are quite easy to make.  The secret to achieving such perfect letters is tappits.  Tappits???  I'll give you a moment to scratch your heads...........yes, tappits.  Tappits are like teeny tiny little cookie cutters that you use on gum paste.  Once you cut the letters you can apply them to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or any kid of dessert, really.  They are a great way to communicate on your cakes without having to learn how to pipe letters with icing.  Ok, I admit it, I stink at piping, so tappits are a godsend!  Let's start with an EXTREME CLOSE UP!

Here is a breakdown of the items you will need to make some letters with your nifty tappits.  Click on each of the items if you'd like to buy them and try it out.

1 Tappit set
1 Nonstick fondant mat
1 Fondant rolling pin - small
1 Craft Knife (used only for food)
Gum Paste colored to your liking
Shortening - preferably high ratio shortening

Step 1 - Roll out a small strip of gumpaste in a long oval shape.  Smear a little shortening on your mat so the gumpaste won't stick.  You'll want this to be pretty thin.  I'd say about a 16th of an inch.

Step 2 - Use the long rectangle tappit (it will come with your set) to cut, well, a long rectangle!
Step 3 - Lift the rectangle cutter and peel away any excess

Step 4 - Choose your letter and press the tappit down (perpendicular) into the gum paste

Step 5 - Carefully lift the tappit off of the gum paste

Step 6 - Repeat with all of the letters that you will need for your creation

Step 7 - Carefully Peel away the excess gum paste from around your snazzy letters.  Be Patient and gentle!

Step 8 - Using a craft knife, remove any pieces that didn't come up in step 7, like the inside of your P's A's and O's

Final step - It is best to not touch your letters and let them dry hard.  Overnight is best, but an hour will work...just be very gentle with the letters as they might bend or stretch when not totally hardened.  Lift the letters off of your mat with a craft knife and apply to your cake.  Voila!

Try it!


  1. Great step by step with perfect up close pictures! Thank you so much!

  2. Where do I purchase the Tappits lettering. I want the one you have above. What size is it.

  3. How are these different than an actual set of alpha cutters? or are they?

  4. Like this


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