Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Wedding Cake!

About a month ago I got a facebook message from my friend Erinn who I know from my old church.  She asked if I could make her wedding cake and I of course said YES!  I've been wanting to make a wedding cake, and jumped at the opportunity.  We met up, decided on a design and flavors.  She had an autumn wedding with green, orange, brown, and gold as her decor colors.  This was the inspiration cake that she found on the internet.  She wanted something similar, except done in buttercream instead of fondant.

traditional wedding cakes

This was my first time doing a three tier cake and for the most part it went smoothly.  The only glitch was when I tried to re-position the second tier after I had stacked it.  Yeah, I won't be trying that again!  It caused to cake to lean a little, so I had to do a little fixing to get it straight.  But in the end it turned out ok.  :)  This cake was 10", 8", and 6" and could feed up to 50 peeps.  She had 25 at her wedding, so I'm sure there were lots left over!  It is iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant pearls, piped buttercream swirls, handmade gold gumpaste leaves, and fresh flowers.

Here are a few shots of the finished product...

This was so fun to make and I definitely learned a lot!  This was also my first time delivering a cake this big and I was SOOOOOO nervous!  I'll write about that and how I did it in another entry.  Until then, thanks for looking!


  1. This looks awesome! You keep surpassing yourself : )

  2. This is absolutely lovely x


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