Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding Cake Delivery

What's the most nerve wracking thing you could do?  Why, deliver a wedding cake, of course!
Here's why...
You spend HOURS making this cake perfect (about 16 for this one)
Someone else has paid you to do it
That someone else is having their big day you don't want to be the one to ruin it
After all the work spent to get it perfect, you have to drive it in your car.  Wha-huh????  Are you crazy???

I was SOOO nervous about delivering this cake that I had trouble sleeping the night before.  This was an all buttercream cake, and takes a bit of touching up after you stack it to make the buttercream look perfect.  So I decided to deliver the cake stacked, because I didn't want to mess with stacking it at the venue.  Better to get it perfect at home when I have the time and when no one is watching me!   I stacked it at home the night before and threw it in the fridge to firm up for delivery in the morning.

I'm happy to report that the delivery went smoothly!  A piece of cake (pun intended)!  I carried the cake down my apartment stairs (yeah, that was fun), then placed the cake in the back of my SUV on a non-skid mat and the thing didn't budge.  Not even a wiggle or a wobble!  The trip was a half hour and I didn't go over 40 mph.  When I got there I was SOOOO happy and relieved!   All I had to do at the venue was add the flowers and it was done!  WHEW!  Here's a little pictorial of my adventure...

Here she is all ready for her trip...

 Gotta have the signs!

 Nervous!  Here I go!

Done!  Success!  :)


  1. It looks so good! I love the presentation too! Congrats!

  2. You have done a wonderful job on your 1st wedding cake. This is one of the most elegant cake a have ever seen with fresh flowers.

    Recently i tried to make our anniversary cake with fresh flowers as cake topper, it wasn't easy for me. I have one question for you "How did you inserted the flowers in the cake"?
    Please share you experience working with fresh flowers. I also asked this on cake central . No one replied :(

    1. You can buy the flower inserts at hobby lobby or Michaels craft store. You cut the end of the real flower off and insert it into the holder and then place the holder into your cake where ever you want your flowers to be displayed. They are really easy to use ;)

  3. LOVE the signs in the car! I'm going to have to do that! lol!


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