Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy McSqueezy Rainbow Cookie Pops Tutorial

As promised, here is how I made my rainbow cookie pops!  These are super easy because you don't need different colors or consistencies of royal icing.  Just make one batch and load it into some icing squeeze bottles.  Easy McSqueezy!

First we'll start off with the recipe for the cookies and the royal icing.  I obtained these recipes from so I'll just link you directly to them there.  Here is the recipe for the sugar cookie dough -->clicky and the recipe for the royal icing -->click-a-roo

A few things that you'll need before you get started.
-Lollipop sticks - you can get these at any craft store.  I use the Wilton brand
-Icing squeeze bottle - I also got these at the craft store for $2.50, they are Wilton too
-Clear favor bags and ribbon (optional)

Step 1.  Make your cookie dough, roll out, and cut into round shapes with a round cookie or biscuit cutter.  You'll need to make the cookies fairly thick to allow some space around your lollipop stick.  Place your cookies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Next, insert your lollipop stick sideways into the cookie on the pan.  You can place your hand on top of the cookie to make sure you are guiding it in straight.  Bake cookies as directed and cool completely.
While your cookies are baking, make your royal icing.  You'll probably want to add two more tablespoons of water than what the recipe says to get the consistency that you want.  Think the consistency of honey.  Once you are done with the icing, carefully spoon it into one of your icing squeeze bottles.  Keep the icing bowl handy, because you'll probably need to re-load it as you go.

2.  Once your cookies are baked and your royal icing is loaded into the squeeze bottle, you can get to work! First, start by drawing a circle around the perimeter of the cookie with your royal icing.

3.  Next, squeeze a bunch of icing out into the middle of your circle and use a small offset spatula or knife to fill in the entire circle.   Set your cookies aside so the icing can dry- at LEAST 2 hours.

4.  Once your icing has dried you should be able to touch it with your fingers without it feeling tacky at all.   It should feel totally dry. This is important because you don't want the sprinkles sticking where they shouldn't be.  After you've confirmed this, break out your icing squeeze bottle again and squeeze a fun spiral shape onto your previously laid (and dried) icing foundation.

5.  Pour your nonpareil sprinkles into a bowl with high sides.  They bounce all around so the high sides should keep em' from going all over your kitchen floor.  :)  Take your cookie with the still-wet royal icing spiral, hold it over your sprinkle bowl, and begin to pick up the sprinkles with your hand and drop them on the cookie.  They will stick all over the wet spiral and any extras will fall right back into the bowl.  Do this until the spiral is totally covered and shake off any excess sprinkles.

Voila!  You'll want to do these one at a time after your squeeze your spiral on.  This way you make sure your spiral stays wet enough for the sprinkles to stick.

If you want to get fancy, insert your cookies into clear favor bags and tie them off with a cute ribbon.  Fun! :)


  1. I'm so not a baker but I love this idea and i'm gonna try it for my son's upcoming 1st birthday party..I think they're gonna be a hit...Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love this, how pretty! Im gonna have to make them :)

  3. These are so cute - and they look delicious too! I had to "pin" them!

    1. Thanks for the pin! I'm pretty much addicted to Pinterest these days. ;)

  4. These are adorable! I love how they turned out. Definitely thinking about making these for my daughter's first birthday! I wanted to let you know I featured you today :)

  5. Hi, These are so cute and colourful .

    Can you tell me how much time in advance can I make these up ahead?
    Can i freeze the cookies ?
    If I wrap the cookies with the icing and sprinkle on a head of time will they run?
    How do I keep the cookies fresh ?
    Hope you can help.

  6. Hi Stacey, how much time in advance can one make these?
    How do i keep the cookies fresh?
    Look forward to your reply.

  7. Hi Stacey, how much time in advance can one make these?
    How do i keep the cookies fresh?
    Look forward to your reply.


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