Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Packers Football Cake

Right now we're in Wisconsin because Ryan's Grandma passed away.  We came for the funeral and are staying a few weeks to help clean out Grandma's house.  This falls right around the time of the NFL season kickoff and that means Packer games!  Ryan wanted me to make a cake for the first season game, a football shaped cake, to be more exact.  So we trekked on down to Michael's to get some supplies.  We bought the Wilton football shaped pan to achieve the football shape.  It was easy and all, but if I do another football I think I will carve it on my own next time.  The pan gives the football a kind of smooshed shape and I could have done it better with a hand carving.  I will, however, keep the pan because you can also make sandwich bread with it.  Check this out...
Pretty cool for a tailgate eh?  Ok, enough of the sandwich, bring on the cake!
 Ryan was happy with his cake.  I even got a "you're the best wife in the world" out of him, so it was worth it!  ;)


  1. Are you kidding? Never in my wildest dreams could I make a cake this cool. You're almost forgiven for honoring the Packers

  2. I would love to feature your blog and your cake photo tonight on Babble. Email me at angie@eclecticrecipes if it's okay to do the feature.


  3. Great cake! It is a shame to eat it. Or fumble it...

  4. I also purchased the football pan, but i dont like it, seems like the corners of the pan burn before the middle gets fully baked. I will definately carve my own next time. What recipe did you use, was a dense cake?

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